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Mom's Last Nerve Candle

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Set the mood with one of our fantastic-smelling candles, perfect for gift-giving and special occasions!


•Choose between 9oz or 4 oz size

•Hand-poured coconut soy blended wax

•Dye-free and vegan

•Cotton wick (lead and zinc free)

•50 hours of burn time for 9 oz, 20 hours of burn time for 4 oz

BEACHWOOD: Immerse in Beachwood's coastal essence. Sea salt, orange peel zest mingle with sunlit grass. Eucalyptus, sage dance, grounded by teakwood, patchouli. Hear marine whispers, feel nature's embrace.

BLACKBERRY VANILLA: Savor the sweetness of Blackberry Vanilla: ripe berries, creamy vanilla. Black cherry leads to raspberry, strawberry, plum. Musk, sugared vanilla base offers comfort. Perfect for cozy evenings or daily allure.

BLOOD ORANGE: Awaken your senses with Blood Orange, a vibrant fragrance evoking sunlit gardens. Ripe orange, tart grapefruit at its core, surrounded by green leaves, mango sweetness. Earthy cedar, red currant base adds warmth. Embrace the energetic synergy of this aromatic journey.

CASHMERE MUSK: Experience luxury in scent: top notes of bergamot, saffron entice; violets, lily of the valley bloom at its heart, embraced by amber. Settles with dark musk, vetiver for earthy tranquility.

CINNAMON CHAI: Enter a warm oasis with "Cinnamon Chai" fragrance: zesty orange, black tea. Creamy heart notes of nutmeg, peppercorn add complexity. Base notes of vanilla, clove, cinnamon evoke comfort. Perfect for cozy evenings, invigorating your spirit and home with nostalgia.

COCONUT SOLEIL: Playful Amaretto, fresh Pineapple evoke beach escapes. Creamy Banana, Coconut Milk bring tropical tranquility. Vanilla, Tonka Bean offer comforting embrace, reminiscent of carefree afternoons. A scent unlike any other, your invitation to keep vacation spirit alive daily.

SAGE+CYPRESS: Experience the outdoors with Sage & Cypress: Bergamot, Spruce set the scene. Aromatic Sage, Cypress anchor the woodland journey. Palo Santo, Patchouli add depth; Dark Musk, Smoke intrigue. It's not just a fragrance; it's an odyssey inviting you to explore your imagination's shadowed woods.

SUNWASHED: Experience tranquility with Sunwashed—a fusion of sunny days in a bottle. Petitgrain, Orange, Grapefruit evoke morning sun rays. Cotton Blossom, Coconut cocoon you in softness. Musk, Wood, Powder linger like a comforting daydream. Escape to your happy place with this simple, beautiful fragrance.

VANILLA ORCHID: Elevate your home with Vanilla Orchid fragrance: orange, green leaves blend with jasmine, heliotrope for exotic elegance. Warm sandalwood, musk, vanilla base creates an irresistible ambiance. Illuminate your space with serene sophistication, inviting nature's magic into your sanctuary.


•Before burning, always trim a cotton wick to 1/4"

•Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.


•Keep within sight

•Keep away from flammable objects

•Keep away from children and pets